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Boris Kester is a man of many talents: a senior purser, programmer, political scientist, sports enthusiast, polyglot, and fearless adventurer. His passion for exploring the world is evident in his captivating travel photos and stories, which he shares on www.traveladventures.org. He is one of the very few people to have visited every country on our planet. According to the authoritative travel site nomadmania.com, Boris ranks among the most traveled persons in the world.

About The Long Road to Cullaville  / De lange weg naar Cullaville 

Within its sixteen stories, The Long Road to Cullaville takes you to Yemen, Congo, Nauru and Afghanistan, amongst other places. Thanks to his rich descriptions, the author shows you what it’s like to travel in unusual countries. His stories are compelling and entertaining, breathtaking and moving. Meanwhile, he makes you think about the risks of travel and the pre-eminent influence of fate.

Aan de hand van zestien verhalen neemt DE LANGE WEG NAAR CULLAVILLE je mee naar onder andere Jemen, Congo, Nauru en Afghanistan. Dankzij zijn rijke beschrijvingen laat de auteur je zien hoe het is om in ongewone landen te reizen. Zijn verhalen zijn meeslepend en onderhoudend, adembenemend en ontroerend. Ondertussen laat hij je nadenken over de risico’s van reizen en de allesbepalende invloed van het lot.

The Long Road to Cullaville Contest

The Long Road to Cullaville is one of the most well-traveled books in history. Readers have taken it with them almost everywhere. Be the final person to take a book with you to the very last country North Korea - and win a free copy of the next book!

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The Long Road to Cullaville is one of those that will stay not only in your mind, but also in your heart forever. It is not only extremely funny, but also makes you learn, makes you wonder, makes you want to see all those places yourself.

Tansel, Turkey


Inspirational read.

Gabriella, Italy


The only thing that remains after reading The Long Road to Cullaville is the desire for more. More stories, more impressions, more words from Boris Kester.

Max, Austria


A must read if you are an aspiring traveler or already a traveler.

Ameet, UAE


I enjoyed every chapter, every page, every sentence and every word in the book. All the stories about the places I have never heard about, or thought of visiting.

Mai, Norway


So powerful.

Jake, Australia

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