Eight reasons why Colombia is one of my favorite countries

From the very first time I visited Colombia back in 2009, it has conquered a special place in my heart. I have been five times now (not counting work visits), and I am already looking forward to my next visit. The reasons I like it so much? It has an incredible variety of sights.

  1. The history. There are several pre-Colombian sites which are absolutely stunning. San Agustín, where you can find tombs with finely carved figures. Tierradentro, which has underground painted burial chambers. Ciudad Perdida, or the Lost City, which is a multi-day trek to a city that the Spanish never discovered.
  2. The mountains. Colombia has some serious mountains, and the Andes ends right here. It has snow-capped peaks, and páramo landscapes that give a mysterious feel to the high-altitude places.
  3. The gold museum of Bogotá. Probably the best gold museum in the world, it has a stunning collection of golden artefacts that will leave you speechless.
  4. The Amazon runs through the south of Colombia, and you can find a wide array of trees, plants, and animals here. Stay here for a few days to explore a totally different part of the country, and unwind in the jungle.
  5. Colonial towns, where you can still find cobblestone streets and centuries-old buildings and churches. My favorite is Barichara, but also Villa de Leyva, Filandia or Popayán are worth a visit.
  6. The Tayrona peninsula on the north coast of the country. It takes some hiking along the coast, which will bring you to beautiful bays and beaches for a relaxed time on the sea.
  7. San Andrés and Providencia – which actually lie closer to Nicaragua – offer a distinct Caribbean experience where you can go diving, surfing or swimming.
  8. The Colombians – they will make you feel welcome in their country, almost always treat you with respect, are helpful, and genuinely want you to enjoy their beautiful country of which they are rightly proud.


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